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1972 Plymouth Road Runner
Price:   $4,000

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James Mostiller
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72 440/4 4 spd 9 1/4 chry.12 bolt 456/limitedslip(all new rebld)manual steer/brakes.fac skid plate k frame. white/tan int.fac.go fast car.fac tach.fac no console,15 dogdish wheels,duals w/o tips fac. no stripes.small drv side mirror is fac.fac.short pistolgrip(pistolgrip is custom aircraft alu./pecan wood/w alu.mounting block 10x stronger then fac.94k 74 440 hp holley(hard seats)have pics of trans/rear covers has not been wrecked/painted all org.emblems.good grill and bumpers(grill removed/wraped/boxed to protect)floors soild cutting patch panels for body.have org.frt end if buyers wants.drv shaft/jack/this has 90% of the hard parts(TO RESTORE EXCEPT WHAT IT TAKES TO RESTORE)THIS IS ONE OF THE LAST STRIPED DOWN FAC.GO FAST CARS will be very low # car.consider this that no 6pak/hemi cars were made in 72 that this striped down will be just as low pro.#s as had a dana org. but since the f/tag does not show it(and we do not have b/s) we will not call it a dana car. have lots of pics/fender tag upon req. The Classic Car Classifieds Site
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